Azobiotics is an important bio-fertilizer containing free living nitrogen fixing bacterium, Azospirillum which converts the atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium ions in the soil which is taken up by the plants.

Product specifications: Liquid containing minimum 1.0 x 108 cells/ml 

Target crops: Can be applied to all legume crops (such as soybean, lentil, pigeon pea, gram, chickpea and vegetables etc.)

Advantages: Application of Azotobiotics increases the seed germination, crop yield & help reduce the application of nitrogenous fertilizers significantly.

Directions: Mix 1L/acre of the Azotobiotics Liquid with 200 L of water mix thoroughly and broadcast in the field or apply through drip irrigation.

Seed Treatment: Mix 20ml of bio-fertilizer with 30ml water, ½ kg jaggery and thoroughly mix with 1 kg of seed and dry the seed under shade before sowing.