Kitobiotics is a premium biostimulant containing biomolecule, which help plant growth promotion under stress conditions as well it act as antioxidant under any stress condition and enhance plants growth promotion.  Kitobiotics is recommended to be used with Rhizobiotics, Phosphobiotics, Potashbiotics to increase plant response & crop yield. When applied, the bacterium converts the insoluble iron compounds into soluble forms which are easily taken up by the plant roots thus increases the yield and improves soil health.

Product specifications: Liquid containing minimum 1Molar/ml

Target crops: Can be applied to cereals, pulses, oil crops, fruits, vegetables, forests, nurseries etc.

Advantages: Application of Kitobiotics increases the crop yield, improves seed germination, soil health and reduces the incidence of diseases on crops.

Directions of use and dosage: 

Soil Application: Mix 1L/acre of the Kitobiotics Liquid with 200 Litre water, mix thoroughly and broadcast in the field or apply through drip irrigation.

Seed Treatment: Mix 20ml of Kitobiotics with 30ml water, ½ kg jaggery and thoroughly mix with 1 kg of seeds. Dry the seeds under shade before sowing.