Microbiology services

Microbiology Services

Our microbiology testing services offer the best in class capability across many   industries. We provide services which include following

  •   Isolation and identification of microorganisms
  •   Isolation &Characterization of entophytic bacteria functional analysis for bioactive     compounds 
  •   Drug susceptibility testing ( MIC, Disc diffusion method and punch well method) 
  •   Characterization of bacteria based on various medicinal and industrial potential
  • Microbiology contamination determination in any sample (coliform analysis microbial  load etc )
  •  Antimicrobial activity / potential of any compound-pure or crude
  •  Screening of microbes for their potential application in industries such as enzymes,        probiotics, bioremediation, dye degradation and significant potential of microorganisms
  •  Microscopic examination of microbes
  • Probiotics testing services