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We, Genexis Biotech Pvt. Limited have started our journey into the biotechnology sector. Genexis research lab and office are placed in the heart of the beautiful city of Vadodara, Gujarat. At Genexis We are committed to develop alternative proteins for human needs with our approach of precision fermentation and cell culture based technology...

Our priority is to develop safe and nature identical proteins. We have developed Biological platforms for production of alternative proteins. It starts with selection of ingredient proteins which is good for human health followed by production of our desired protein through strain engineering and precision fermentation...


We have developed an integrated technology for Alternative protein bio manufacturing.

Research and Development

At Genexis we encourage out of the box thinking and provide an environment for creativity and innovation. We have R & D facility for Alternative proteins, Molecular diagnostics, Cell culture media and Agriculture biotech products. We work towards the latest technology developments in Alternative proteins suitable for all applications..
works with leading research organisations


We collaborate with the innovative companies to develop sustainable products. We help our partner organizations to get their product in the market starting from the project conceptualization.
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