Partnering & Innovation

Animal origin free proteins for better tomorrow

Customized Animal Origin Free Protein Production

Customized Animal Origin Free Protein Production

Partnering & Innovation

  • Every research has unique obstacles to overcome. We thus provide several means of collaboration, ranging from clone development to final protein production.
  • We provide end-to-end integrated services for the expression of the protein in bacterial and yeast host systems, from clone development through strain engineering and scale-up using precision fermentation.
  • Our depth of expertise in protein research and engineering, recombinant innovation, bioprocess development, and microbiological precision fermentation enables us to completely assist our customers, from concept to commercialization.

Our Services


  • Idea Justification
  • Project outline
  • Experiment Design


  • Computational biology & In silico Studies
  • Clone Development
  • Strain Engineering


  • R&D/Bench-scale runs (2 L – 15 L)
  • Pilot-scale runs
    (150 L – 250 L)


  • Filtration
  • Purification
  • Formulation

Employing a variety of microbial expression systems, including yeast, bacteria, and fungi, to produce various proteins.

Well-equipped protein purification lab with several chromatography and filtration technologies.

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