VAMENZOABIOTICS is an extremely potent bio-fertilizer containing highly infective Endomycorrhizae (VAM), Biostimulants & Enzymes based formulation which are highly efficient in phosphorous uptake from soil, plant growth promotion and provide the host plants protection from soil/root borne pathogens also.

Product specifications: Powder& Granules, containing minimum 1200 spores/g. 

 Target crops: Can be applied to cereals, pulses, oil crops, fruits, vegetables, forests, and nurseries etc.

Advantages: Application of VAMENZOBIOTICS increases the seed germination, crop yield and helps reduce the application of phosphatic fertilizers and enhances the product quality as well as immunity of host plants.

Directions of use and dosage: 

Soil application: Mix 250 gm/acre of the VAMENZOBIOTICS powder or granules with 50 Kg of compost / vermicompost / FYM (Vermiculite) thoroughly and broadcast in the field.